Often a customer looking for a high-grade stainless steel gas grill wins from other factors such as the manufacturer's reputation, grill appearance, or recommendations from friends or family. Now, this is a fairly large investment, going with the equipment, and consulting with an expert in the field can help you make an informed decision. A trustworthy gas grill specialist can guide you to evaluate the various features of this high-end grill and choose the best for you.

The simplest way to objectively compare manufacturers is with a graph! From our chart, Fire Magic, Alfresco, Kenmore Elite, Viking, DCS, Dakor, Links, Vintage, Weber Summit Gold D, Wolf, Altima, Turbo, Profiler, Phoenix, Tech, Solaire Infrared, Veloux, Lazy Man, Lazy Man, Frontgate, Capital, Crown Truth, Dukes and Dynasties.

Some of the features in the table are:

BTU Output: How many burners and how many BTUs passed?

You need to do some math to determine the actual heat your food gets. Ideally, you want the cooking surface to be over 95 BTU per square inch. How do you know Take your whole BTU and divide it up on the primary cooking surface. So .... if your cooking surface is 660 square inches and the total number of BTUs is 104,000, the 104,000 BTU is divided by 660 square inches = 157 BTU per square inch. It will be a winner !!!

Temperature range: This is a very important feature if you like to cook different dishes. You can make everything from steaks to baking pizza

Large temperature range.

Castings used in commercial applications may contain stainless steel, stainless steel sheet metals, cast iron, infrared red, and combustible materials from cast brass. Double burners allow for indirect cooking and better thermal control. Casting brass or cast stainless burners is your best bet. They are longer and more durable. Grease sheets tend to burn easily through metal.

An infrared-red burner is an option for those who want a nice looking piece of meat. Thinking of an infrared red cooking? The temperature of an infrared red cooking system can reach 1600 degrees on some grills. Infrared-red cooking allows quick, high temperatures, reduces cooking time and helps seal the juice. If black food or steaks are your preference - infrared red cooking is the way to go. If you're planning on cooking a traditional dish - go with a hybrid that offers infrared red and standard burners. Tip - Make sure infrared red burners can be converted back to standard for large parties.

The rotisserie bakburner is a popular option. Rotisseries used to cook large chunks evenly will use less heat than a normal grill. The BTU ranges are usually in the 13-15,000 range, but the best grill offers 18-28,000 BTUs. The meat cooked using rotisserie is usually juicy, self-basting and slow-fried. Tip - Look for a format with drip disks to make cleaning easier. Especially if you want to fry a turkey or two, be sure to compare the available rotisserie space.

The triple flavored grill allows you to use gas, infrared red and charcoal cooking! How versatile you can be !!

An adjustable smoker box is perfect for those who enjoy the added flavor of hickory, mesquite or other wood for your meat. It makes smoking easier. Adjustable ventilation allows you to control the taste of smoke to give it the right flavor.

Liability is one of the most important aspects to consider. Only the best grill can offer a warranty against the burn.

* Does the grill you are considering offer a <Counter mode? This type of gas grill can be put into an outdoor kitchen and can be customized with your choice of tile, stucco or other surface surfaces, machines, doors, drawers and other accessories such as refrigerators or sinks.

Cooking networks: Stainless steel cooking aches will not rust or chip. Porcelain cooking surfaces tend to chip and become food. No NSF (National Hygiene Federation) Affiliates use porcelain cooking networks.

Cooking grid size: How many people do you feed on a regular basis? The size of your crowd determines how large your grill should be. Tip - Make sure infrared red burners can be converted back to standard for large parties.

Internal liner: This device radiates heat evenly over the grill and drips to the disks. The manifold separates from the valve and the combustion chamber. This prolongs the life of your burners and reduces the chance of a grease fire. The grill hood covers the cooking surface and helps trap the heated air inside. Look for a double insulated wall cover. If you buy a stainless steel model with a double insulated wall cover, it will not be brown or blue. It will shine.

Stainless Steel Flavor Grid: This heat dispensing system should be stainless steel for long life and durability. The flavors are reflected in the grid

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