Top 5 places you should visit in Sri Lanka in 2021

With the New Year approaching us, it is time to make serious decisions about your travel wish list for 2020.

As always, we have come up with the five best places to visit in Sri Lanka by 2020 to help you make your travel plans. These will be based on current destinations and current travel experience (and more than two decades of living, working and traveling in Southeast Asia with a special focus on India and Sri Lanka). This list is nonetheless consistent with our latest research trips, group tours, and personal visits in 2019. These are our favorite places to visit, places that we think are less touristy, but worthy of a tourist's attention, a good place to stay or just a reason to visit or find new activities and meet interesting local people we'd like to share with you.

Places to visit in Sri Lanka by 2020 Drumroll, please.

The Top 5 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka by 2020 (in Specific Sequence):

# 1 Stay All-Inclusive

Three gourmet meals a day, a bed of tea, a butler, an open bar and a relaxing afternoon in beautiful surroundings, afternoon tea in the beautiful gardens… ..Will we come to your attention? From tea estates throughout Sri Lanka to wildlife lodges in Sri Lanka, there are many luxurious accommodations for tea shops in Sri Lanka. It's an incredible service to offer to all of you, the best meals we've had in Sri Lanka, and nothing to worry about when you arrive (or pay!). We would love to include one of these lodges on your personal travel itinerary for the holiday season. Some of our favorites are the leopard trails and the newly opened sky. Contact us to learn more about our new itinerary, Boutique Sri Lanka Travel.

# 2 Lesser known national parks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's leopard is its most popular animal habitat, the top drawer of visitors to the national parks of Sri Lanka. The country is inhabited by a wide variety of wildlife, from lazy bears to elephants. We strongly recommend spending time in less visited parks that focus not only on its large mammals but also on the natural beauty of the park. Our 20 Days of Proper Travel Weed Shows Sri Lanka's Best National Parks with Unique Wildlife Experiences and Accommodation. Add it to your travel wish list for 2020.

# 3 Best beach on South and West coast of Sri Lanka

With endless beaches and beaches to choose from, we recently fell in love with Sri Lanka's western and southern beaches once again. Our recent tour includes a comprehensive exploration of Sri Lanka's coastline from Colombo to Tangalle. What we've found is a beach in Sri Lanka that suits everyone - private lodging, contemporary boutiques, five star resorts, great surf and swimming pools, and gourmet cuisine along the beach. What does this mean for you? By 2020, we will be recommending a beach in Sri Lanka for everyone. We have the perfect place for you! For more information on Sri Lanka's beaches - visit our latest travel blog with detailed travel tips on some of Sri Lanka's best beaches.

# 4 A few days in Galle

We are on the south coast, and time and time again we encourage our visitors to visit the Galle Fort. This charming, World Heritage listed city is one of our favorite places in Sri Lanka. We would like to stay at a boutique hotel in the Galle for a few days and explore its cobbled streets, explore its contemporary shops and invite you to restaurants. There are many wonderful luxury hotels in the Galle. Rampart St. by Amana with beautiful Amangalla and Taru Villas. You can easily spend a few days in Galle and this is a good place to end a private tour of Sri Lanka. You can read more about the unique features of our Quintessential Sri Lanka Private Tour and shopping in Sri Lanka here.

# 5 Kandy

Visiting the world famous UNESCO World Heritage Buddhist Temple, Sacred Tooth Temple, Mountain City of Kandy, Sri Lanka and visitors from all over the world. However, beyond the temple, there is much to see and explore in Kandy, from the unique street food and local markets to the churches, buildings, quarters and botanical gardens. The list of places to visit in Sri Lanka by Kandy will be made in 2020. You can find out more about what to see and do in Kandy.

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