Hurulu farmers are demanding additional Mahaweli water
Be cool, Anuradhapura Additional District Group
Farmers appealed to the government to provide additional Mahaweli water to the Hurulu reservoir throughout the year. They could produce up to 500 rupees of paddy. 15 million per year if necessary. The area under Hurulu wewa is about 11,000 acres. In addition, there are 13 small tanks near the reservoir.
Hulu Vewa Irrigation Engineer Athula Wijewardene said Hurulu Vewa's normal water capacity; That is, 55,000 acres; Only 8,000-acre feet of land is currently available and it is sufficient to cultivate about 1000 acres. We request the Mahaweli Water Management Committee to release at least 36,000 acre-feet of water as the water level of the reservoir is decreasing. However, we have not had a positive response so far, ”Wijewardene said.
Under our agreement, under normal weather conditions, we will receive 10,000-acre feet of water from Bovatena to Hurulu, along the 60 km-long Food Canal. Since the Agrarian Development Department has unnecessarily blocked the storage of water in the medium-sized tanks of Habarana, Tocot and Hiriwadunna, not a quarter of this water is available. Also, some hotel owners and businessmen are engaged in large scale cultivation on the banks of the canal and illegally tap water supply. Galenbindunuwewa Divisional Secretary Margaret Kumbure said that he had requested the Irrigation Department Secretary to release 30,000 acres. Mahaweli water for the 2018 Yala season. However, Kumbure says she has not received any response in this regard. Meanwhile, Galenbindunuwewa farmers who suffered from drought received Rs. Dry rations worth Rs 5,000 as a refund of the criteria stipulated in the recently issued circular by the Ministry of Disaster Management.
Under the Ministry's latest drought-prone family category, rajangane farmers will not be given rations.
The Farmer Organization has brought the matter to the attention of the Minister of Irrigation Duminda Dissanayake to re-evaluate the program.

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