Businesses that want to sell something in the market need two things. The first is the product for sale and should be distributed to places such as retail, mall or supermarket. The second is marketing, which is the vehicle to carry that message to the consumer so that people are aware of its existence and buy it.

The age of the internet has given people the opportunity to make money through the web. There are many websites that allow a person to see them easily and quickly and now the best thing is to use the site maps created by Google.

The advantages of using Google are as follows;

C helps people find a better web page than search engines because it has better crawl coverage.

People are able to search for certain man-made keywords that lead directly to the searchers' website.

Page Allows the individual to provide Google with specific information about the last time the web page was modified or how many times it was modified.

Using Straight Google Direct allows you to see the web page faster, better than other computer companies that promised to do the same but ultimately couldn’t deliver.

Now that the benefits have been mentioned, it's time to go through the step-by-step process of creating a Google Sitemap.

1. The first thing to do is to do proper research. The service or product must now meet the customer's needs. It should provide some kind of solution to improve the quality of life at home or at work.

2. Next, one should focus on the product or service that one offers to the customer by selling at a good price. Perhaps, one product is already on the market. To be competitive, you need to find a way to convince people why this product is better than the leading brands that exist. What features does the competitor not have? Why is it unique not only about the product at hand but also the service it can provide?

Just like a normal business that runs a business over the phone or in a store, one must have the right equipment and machinery for that purpose. These can be physical or electronic and online ordering merchandise.

To be successful, one must ensure that the goods a customer orders can be delivered on time. If there is any problem, a customer support staff or system should be prepared for it.

3. If the business is done by a group of individuals or with sole proprietorship, it is best to set the brain for the best domain name for the business. It should be attractive and easy for people to remember. Considering that there are other people who have worked in the business for a long time and have already acquired the domain name, it is best to think of a few names if it can no longer be used.

4. When choosing a domain name, one must enter the URL of the website that one wants to create. The Google site creator will then crawl the site and make a list of all the links where it can be found.

5. Next, someone needs to correct the control settings. Doing this will determine how often the site's content changes, and Google will know how many times it should crawl.

6. If a person has a URL that a website does not want to include, Google can advise them to skip it and post it on the site map without crawling. One can choose which files to avoid, whether they are .zip or .exe files.

7. Also, since Google can upload the sitemap automatically to the person, one can add FTP information to the website.

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