One important piece of information to keep in mind at all times is that people visit the site for some information. These surfers can be unforgivable. They will definitely come back once they find something useful for them from a website.

The reason why site maps are essential is to help surgeons understand the website program and design and therefore speed up the way to get started with what the site shows. This is part of a website that is designed to be visible to the visitor or visitor. These guests can select the link where they want to browse with just a touch of the mouse on the keyboard.

Here are the key pointers to a good website map, which will help visitors find information on a website faster:

Map Sitemap should be the simplest page on the web.

Name the site "Sitemap" so that visitors will not find it difficult.

Dyn Always avoid "dynamic" site maps. Guests who can easily find information to retain.

If the Map Site Map is a list of links, use the TITLE attribute in the anchor tag and enter keywords in it.

It is always a good idea to place a sentence describing the content of the page below the link for that page on a map site.

It should not be the primary navigation of the site.

It is important to have a link to the Map Site Map page and all pages should carry this link. The Sitemap link can be integrated with other links in the site's main menu. Or you can put it in a section of the web page that is clearly visible.

Other important factors that a site site must meet are site maps. For example, the link color for visited links should be different than links not yet viewed, so visitors have a clearer idea of ​​the pages they have already seen, thus saving time.

In addition to the benefits that a site map shows of a "live" wave, it is also important for robotic navigators of search engines. As a web developer you should aim to get all the visual pages in the search engine database. A website map, from one page to another, should take everyone to the links, making it a great format to present to search engines. Presenting a sitemap to a search engine helps the search engine to quickly index all web pages. It's wrong because I do not have the data to support this point, but it seems logical. However, on a similar note, there is still a limit to all the information that a search engine can provide a visitor. For example, if there is a page on the website that is not found in the directory program, it will not be recognized by other search engines. With this in mind, another importance of a site map is that the search engine goes to a specific page rather than scouting through the links.

Two important questions:

1. Will the site look as designed even for robots?

2. Are the pages designed correctly and effectively?

Having a sitemap assists the designer in designing the site before starting to create it. Once the pages are decided, everything is simple and the web page design easily matches the designer’s ideas.

Here are 5 important tips for creating a good site map:

Must have a good website1

The logo should be linked to the front page of the website.

Must have a good website2

The sitemap should be positioned above or below the header. If everything is already in order and you are not sure about the design, never try to change or alter.

Must have a good website3

There should be a friendly way to search the site. Do not place the sitemap in a different location than one page, if it is placed horizontally on one page, it should be placed horizontally on the other pages. However, the case is different if it is a navigation system for a home page. This may change on the front pages.

Must have a good website4

In addition, the logo on the front page should be associated with a "home" or similar sign for easy work or navigation. Pages to visit should include "Contact Us", "About Our Website".

Must have a good website5

The golden rule for a good sitemap is to guide the number of visitor clicks at each step and not to other pages. These steps should be easy, reliable and most of all user friendly.

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